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Finback Restoration Project 2018

Our boat building extraordinaire Andrew Regan has spent the winter working on the third year of the Finback Restoration Project. This winter he fixed part of the keel, replaced the horn timber and built a brand new transom!  The keel was replaced with a 2,000 pound white oak tree trunk and the new transom is being planked with a beautiful mahogany. After this winter more than half of the Finback has been replaced and we couldn't be more excited to get her wet next month! 

Finback Restoration Project

For the past two winter season's our beloved Finback has gone through some intense repairs. Last winter fifty percent of Finback's starboard side was ripped off and replaced. During year two of a three  year project, Finback is getting new white oak frames as well as African mahogany planking. All of the deck beams were also repaired and many of them were replaced. Finback was originally planked with southern yellow pine but Will and Andrew opted for a beautiful mahogany wood which is a rot resistant wood, in hoping for another forty years of cruising on the Salem Sound!