Salem Sound

Cruise News: September 16, 2014

Sunsets this September have been truly amazing.

The gorgeous colors have been visible all over the north shore. And whether or not you've seen them yourself, it's likely you've at least seen them through the eyes (or lenses) of your fellow instagrammers and facebookers. We're here to tell you today - if you haven't seen them through your own eyes, while gently rocking through Salem Sound, you're missing out! There's just nothing like cotton candy skiesreflected in the calm waters or Salem Sound.

Lighthouses of Salem Sound

Salem Sound is home to five historic lighthouses that here at Mahi, we're lucky enough to get to see on a daily basis. A few can be seen by land, but, in our opinion, the best way to see them is the way they were intended - from the water. On all of our cruises you'll get a chance to spot at least two or three, but if you want your fill, our Narrated Sightseeing Cruise in the summer and our Lighthouse & Foliage Cruise in the fall get you up close and personal with all five.

So what are these lighthouses that you might see?

  1. Derby Wharf Light: At the end of Salem Historic Maritime Site's Derby Wharf sits this little lighthouse. You'll be sure to pass this one one EVERY cruise as it marks the channel into Pickering Wharf, our home!  (Open to the public)
  2. Winter Island Light: Also known as Fort Pickering Light, serves as a beacon for mariners coming into Salem Harbor. (Open to the public)
  3. Hospital Point Light: Named for the smallpox hospital which sits on site, Hospital Point Light is one of only five remaining lighthouses in Massachusetts with its original Fresnel lens(Closed to the public)
  4. Baker's Island Light: Formerly one of two lighthouses ('Ma' and 'Pa') on Baker's Island, Bakers Light now stands alone. Situated on the private Baker's Island, this lighthouse is best viewed up close by boat. (Closed to the public*)
  5. Marblehead Light: Known for it's unique, skeletal-like style, Marblehead Light is one-of-a-kind in New England and marks entrance to Marblehead Harbor, birthplace of the US Navy. (Open to the public)

Salem Sound is rife with history, and these five lighthouses have their share of stories to tell. Join us for a narrated tour to learn more about each site, the storied coastline and a few of the mariners tales that go along with them. Remember, our Narrated Sightseeing and Lighthouse & Foliage cruises are fully-narrated, and our Daily Afternoon Cruise is partially narrated.

Have a specific question? Feel free to ask! Our Captains and Crew probably know the answer, and if they don't they will be sure to find out for you.


*UPDATE: Baker's Island Residents adjust as Lighthouse off Salem Sound Changes Hands