Finback Love!

Finback Love!

The Mahi fleet is near and dear to us, especially Finback, the first vessel we ran out of Salem Willows, before we relocated to Pickering Wharf.
Here's a little about Finback, for those who are curious:
The Finback is a U.S Coast Guard Inspected, 50-foot-long vessel. Originally the Finback was built as a scalloping boat in 1978 by Malcolm Melville Boat Works out of Maryland.

Finback Restoration Project Completed!



These two just completed a three year winter restoration project of Finback. It’s been pretty amazing to watch them along the way and rebuilding a wooden boat is pretty badass if you ask me. If you see them around, give them a high five or a pillow, they’ve been up for 30 hours straight. #boattalesofwillandregan

Finback Restoration Project 2018

Our boat building extraordinaire Andrew Regan has spent the winter working on the third year of the Finback Restoration Project. This winter he fixed part of the keel, replaced the horn timber and built a brand new transom!  The keel was replaced with a 2,000 pound white oak tree trunk and the new transom is being planked with a beautiful mahogany. After this winter more than half of the Finback has been replaced and we couldn't be more excited to get her wet next month!